Photographer: Liz van Tonder
Model(s): Melanie Thompson (van Rensburg)
MUA: Fringe Photography
Camera: Canon 60D
Lighting: Natural Light

Many interpretations of this well-known tale exists. We like the "Rite" interpretation stemming from a prehistoric origin. The girl, leaving home, enters a liminal state and by going through the acts of the tale, is transformed into an adult woman by the act of coming out of the wolf's belly.

In addition to the puberty rite interpretation we also drew inspiration from Angela Carter's, short story "The Company of Wolves". In her revision of the classic, Carter examines female lust, lust that is healthy, but also challenging and sometimes disturbing, unbridled and feral lust that delivers up contradictions.  In Angela Carter version of the tale she unravels the original tale's underlying sexual currents by impregnating the new Little Red Riding Hood with animal instincts that lead to her transformation.